What is Leadership and Management?

There are many different definitions of leadership and management and arguments about whether they are the same or different activities. We view the two activities as linked. Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of the organisation of which they are members. Management characterises the process of leading and directing all or part of an organisation through the deployment of resources, human, physical, financial, intellectual.

ILDP won the Times Higher Award for Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development in 2007.

Management Programmes

The Staff Training and Development Unit offers a suite of leadership, management and supervisory skills programmes.

  • International Leadership Development Programme (ILDP)
    We are particularly proud of our ILDP which won the Times Higher Award for outstanding contribution to leadership development in 2007.
  • Middle Management Development Programme
    The Middle Management Programme is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).
  • Moving into Management Programme
    Early Management Development Programme (EMD) - a programme of six half-day sessions for support staff with supervisory responsibilities, typically executive assistants, departmental co-ordinators and equivalent technical staff and manual staff.
  • Essential Supervisory Skills
    EssentialSupervisorySkills (ESS) - a one day course for support staff with supervisory responsibilities. This can be booked via coursebooking.

Leadership Development for Principal Investigators

This is a two level development programme to enhance the leadership and management skills of PIs, at critical points in their career. It is specially targeted at:

  • newly appointed and aspiring PIs to outline their main roles and responsibilities and support them in managing their first research team.
  • more experienced PIs, with established research groups, to assist them in developing and maintaining a more strategic focus.

For further information, please contact Dr Lucy Leiper, Senior Research Development Adviser. 

Management Handbook

An online Management Skills Handbook is available for staff who are moving into line management roles or who feel they would benefit from a useful guide to support their work.

The development of this Handbook has been supported by the "Achieving The Best" project, funded by the Leadership Foundation in Higher Education. The information contained within the Handbook is drawn largely from the work undertaken on this project and is intended to act as an easy reference guide to the key principles underpinning research and people management.

Further Information

Bespoke training sessions based on some of the modules incorporated into the above programmes can be developed in consultation with individuals. To discuss your requirements, please contact us.