Staff Passwords

Staff Passwords

In order to access University IT facilities, staff must have a personal IT account with an associated username (User ID) and password.

Password security

If you think your University password might have been compromised - for example, if you’ve been the victim of a phishing attack, or if you think someone may have watched you type it:

  • change it immediately using the Password Reset service - see below
  • NEVER use that password again
  • contact the Service Desk immediately - we need to know in order to gauge potential on-going threat
  • after changing your password, please ensure you complete the IT Security Awareness Training if you have not already done so

Remember that you should never tell anyone what your password is, no matter how innocent it may seem to do so, nor write your password down where others may find it. The IT Service Desk will never ask you to reveal your password.

Password Reset – personal IT accounts

The Password Reset service is a feature of Microsoft Authentication. It allows you to reset or change your University IT Account password yourself - for example if you forget  it, or if you think your IT account has been compromised - and across all University logins.

You can do so at any time and from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

In order to use the Password Reset service, you will first need to have set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

  • Find out more about using the Password Reset service in our Toolkit guide.

Note: Once you have changed your password, you will need to update wireless and email settings on your mobile devices with the new password in order to receive email and connect to the University wireless network. Please allow up to 30 minutes for your password change to synchronise across all University IT systems.

Change your password – additional IT accounts

For additional IT accounts – such as Supplier (XTS),  and Guest (GST) – please use our Change Password utility web form.