Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How long does a Disclosure check take?
    90% of PVG applications are completed within 14 days (not including postage time). If extra checks are needed, your application may take longer to complete.
  2. How long does an Occupational Health Check take?
    This may take several weeks depending on your immunisation status and which vaccinations and/or blood test results are missing and therefore need completing to meet the necessary NHS criteria for the particular post. It also depends on available OH appointments and the individual's availability. It is best to apply for the OH assessment as soon as possible as it can take a while to come through.
  3. Do I have to provide the name of the ‘Manager in NHS Organization’ (Section 2 of the RP application form)?
    Yes. This should be an NHS employee or a University of Aberdeen employee with an Honorary Clinical or Research Contract within the NHS Organisation you wish to conduct your research. The PI of the study should be able to advise you.
  4. I am not sure whether I am already a member of the PVG Scheme. How do I check it?
    If you are unsure whether you are already a member of the Scheme, please contact directly Disclosure Scotland on Tel. 03000 2000 40 or Email
  5. Can I apply for a Research Passport in case I need it at some point in the future?
    No. You must provide at least one identifiable study that requires the use of NHS facilities.