COVID-19 - Hygiene Products for return to campus 

Procurement is continuing to track availability of Hygiene Products for return to campus through existing  Framework Agreements:

Please note that the VAT exemption for high demand PPE items expired on 31st October 2020.

An update is provided below:

JAN1007-AP Cleaning Materials and Disposable Paper Products

Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies (CHS)

Bunzl have provided a ‘back to campus’ product list and pricing which can be found here.  They are also offering ‘clear face coverings’, these are effectively upside down visors that rest on the wearer’s chin and are £18.22 + vat for a pack of 10.


Thay have also finalised their ‘Coming out of lockdown guide’, which is a fluid document that will be updated with new products as requirements evolve. New items are available to view here, including thermometers and sanitising stations.  To view Bunzl’s Guide, please use the following link:

Alliance Scotland Ltd 

A revised list of PPE and Priority Products with details of availability and pricing can be found here


Alliance are now able to offer Covid Guard Surface Sanitiser, which has recently passed PAS 2424 and is tested to British EN 14476:2013. 


Alliance have been informed of a potential disruption to the supply chain for Trigger Heads. 


Alliance now have stock of clear mouth shields, which are anti-fog. More info can be found here.


Re-usable transparent mouth masks are also now available. More information on this product can be found ​docx icon here.


Alliance also have stock of a new range of dispensers.


A range of ‘Wipe Pods’, floor standing automatic sanitising stations and cleaning stations are now available as well as Sanitised Door Signs (for indicating where rooms have been sanitised) are available @ £5.06 for a pack of 10.

Arrow County Supplies Ltd 

Pricing for their PPE and priority products can be found here   Arrow  have a large stock, available for immediate dispatch of the following items;

  • Hand sanitiser – available in 50ml, 236ml, 250ml, 500ml and 5ltr
  • Hand sanitiser gel dispensers both manual and battery/auto
  • Hand sanitising units with large capacity options
  • Reusable face masks with vision window and without
  • Vinyl and Nitrile gloves
  • Disposable gowns And aprons
  • Wide range of viricidal and alcohol based wipes – in tubs, resealable packs and pack sizes from 20 to 500 wipes

They also have a range of face coverings available with discount available for larger orders.

SEC3133 CPC – Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) & Clothing (Lot 5- First Aid Kits, Equipment and Accessories)


Arco have sufficient stock of hand sanitiser, wipes, and masks with the following exceptions: Overshoes; Reusable Face Shields and Dust and Filter Masks. Reusable Snood Face Cover are available within a lead time of 5 days.

Nitrile gloves are also available in all sizes and are now available at a reduced priced at £13.80 for a box of 100. Anti-bacterial wipes are overalls are also back in stock and available to order.  For more information on the above, including updated pricing please see here

CMT Equipment Ltd have not provided an update for this week but in the past have had very good stocks of Face Masks (3 ply), Gowns/Aprons and Nitrile Gloves, as well as Face Visors and Eyewear. Also, Hand Sanitiser in various sizes and dispensing options.

They are now manufacturing face masks in the UK so state they can supply very competitively, in large volumes, on short lead times. ,

Arden Winch are quoting the majority of items available within 2 working days except Mobile Sanitising stations which are 7 days. Gloves are now back in stock and available to order, as well as aprons and overalls.

Alexandra have advised that Nitrile Gloves (Sizes S, M and L) are currently in stock and are £9.75 for a box of 100. Both 2PLY and 3PLY non-medical face masks are also in stock. Deaf Friendly Face coverings were due in stock in October and are to be priced at £18 for a box of 10.

In general

• As demand continues to increase for a number of PPE products, please order as early as possible for goods to be prioritised for your Institutions. Please do not bulk order as this has adverse effects on the supply chain.

• 3 PLY Masks: Prices are continuing to reduce but were expected to have bottomed out in September.

• Disposable gloves: Prices continue to rise and availability is getting worse. Not expected to improve until 2021.

• FFP2 masks: Prices are dropping but only slightly expected to stay as they are now until the end of 2020.

• Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser: Prices are stable and suppliers have good sight of stock for small quantities.

• Hand soap and sanitiser in sealed cartridges: These are in very short supply and for the next 2-3 months people should consider changing to bulk fill.

• Face Visors and Goggles: Prices have dropped slightly but expected to stay as they are now until the end of this year.

• Disposable coveralls: None of the cheaper SMS garments are being manufactured because the material is being used for masks. The alternative higher priced products are not coming down in price.  Expect price reductions towards the end of 2020.

LAB1013 AP Laboratory Plastic-ware, Glassware & Sundries

Please note that all suppliers are experiencing high deman for large and extra-large nitrile gloves.  The stock situation changes daily however suppliers are doing their best to ensure stock availability.

Fisher Scientific (Punchout site) advised that, due to extraordinary demand patterns, PPE supply experience longer lead times. Kimberly Clark gloves are being removed from Fisher Scientific’s product mix due to lack of supply and a 45% increase on pricing. Like-for-like alternative products will be available through the framework agreement. An updated restricted product list will be available this month (November).

VWR International Ltd (Punchout site)  VWR are experiencing stock issues for PPE and glove products. The have no stock of Semperit gloves available through the framework agreement.

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd (Punchout Site) SLS are now holding stock in their UK distribution centres or have ensured their suppliers are holding stock on their behalf in UK facilities.  This has increased the availability of of key PPE and glove lines.  They are, however still working on a product rationing system.

Camlab Ltd Supply shortages of 3M and Alpha FFP2 and FFP3 masks, Pal wipes, coveralls and face fit test kits are still being experienced.

Please note, all hand sanitiser listed above have a minimum of 60% alcohol.