COVID-19 - Hygiene Products for return to campus 

Procurement is continuing to track availability of Hygiene Products for return to campus through existing  Framework Agreements:  

Please note there continues to be a worldwide shortage of raw materials, manufacturing constraints and supply chain disruption for all sources of Hygiene Products and Gloves.  Suppliers can no longer guarantee product availablity or hold pricing.  Nitrile Gloves are the most affected product. 

The VAT exemption for high demand PPE items expired on 31st October 2020.

An update is provided below:

JAN1007-AP Cleaning Materials and Disposable Paper Products

Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies (CHS)

Bunzl have not provided an update this week but they previously provided a ‘back to campus’ product list and pricing which can be found here.  They were previously also offering ‘clear face coverings’, which are effectively upside down visors that rest on the wearer’s chin.  They were £18.22 + vat for a pack of 10.


Their full Guide which they provided in the past can be found here


Alliance Scotland Ltd 

A revised list of PPE and Priority Products with details of availability and pricing can be found here


Arrow County Supplies Ltd 

Arrow have not provided an update for this week but a previous update can be found here  

In the past Arrow had a large stock of the following items;

  • Hand sanitiser – available in 50ml, 236ml, 250ml, 500ml and 5ltr
  • Hand sanitiser gel dispensers both manual and battery/auto
  • Hand sanitising units with large capacity options
  • Reusable face masks with vision window and without
  • Vinyl and Nitrile gloves
  • Disposable gowns And aprons
  • Wide range of viricidal and alcohol based wipes – in tubs, resealable packs and pack sizes from 20 to 500 wipes

They also had a range of face coverings available with discount available for larger orders.  Here is the Technical Data Sheet for the Type IIR EN14683 Medical Face Mask 


LAB1013 AP Laboratory Plastic-ware, Glassware & Sundries  


VWR have new stock of their Amadex, Atlantis powder free blue nitrile gloves.  These gloves conform to ASTM D6319, EN455, EN 420:2003+A1:2009, EN ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018, EN1374-4:2019 and EN ISO 374-5:2016.





Glove Nitrile Powder Free Amadex M pk 100



Glove Nitrile Powder Free Amadex S pk 100



Glove Nitrile Powder Free Amadex XL pk 100



Glove Nitrile Powder Free Amadex L pk 100



Starlab Ltd

There are some Supreno Nitrile Gloves available in size XS at current stock price. Starlab are due to receive a shipment of Starguard Protect this week, this will fulfil back orders. Please be aware there may be some price increases on back orders. Another shipment of Starguard Protect are due early December. This shipment will include sizes XS, S & M all available for order. A shipment of Starguard Comfort was anticipated mid December and will include sizes XS, S & M available for order. Starlab have provisionally confirmed the following product availability for 2021;

April/May – Starguard Sensitive

June/July – Starguard Sensitive

Scentific Laboratory Supplies Ltd; SLS are well stocked with gowns, sanitisers, facemasks (reusable and surgical), wipes, safety googles, forehead thermometers, room foggers and coveralls.


In general

• As demand continues to increase for a number of PPE products, please order as early as possible for goods to be prioritised for your Institutions. Please do not bulk order as this has adverse effects on the supply chain.

• 3 PLY Masks: Prices are continuing to reduce but were expected to have bottomed out in September.

• Disposable gloves: Prices continue to rise and availability is getting worse. Not expected to improve until 2021.

• FFP2 masks: Prices are dropping but only slightly expected to stay as they are now until the end of 2020.

• Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser: Prices are stable and suppliers have good sight of stock for small quantities.

• Hand soap and sanitiser in sealed cartridges: These are in very short supply and for the next 2-3 months people should consider changing to bulk fill.

• Face Visors and Goggles: Prices have dropped slightly but expected to stay as they are now until the end of this year.

• Disposable coveralls: None of the cheaper SMS garments are being manufactured because the material is being used for masks.