A Personal Tutor supports their students by...

  • helping students  settle into University and being an approachable and supportive point of contact
  • contacting students to arrange a meeting
  • answering their queries so far as possible, pointing them in the direction of the appropriate University support service if they are needing advice or more specialist support
  • helping foster a sense of belonging to a community of learners
  • having initial discussions about studies and pointing to appropriate sources of more targeted support
  • providing help in reflecting on how studies are progressing, identifying general areas for development and pointing to appropriate sources of more targeted support
  • providing opportunities for reflection on how their learning can help them to pursue their future development 
  • making contact with the student and offer initial support if the personal tutor is made aware that the student may be in difficulty   
  • meeting with them on a regular basis during their studies (either individually or on a group basis) and will also, if required, meet with them on request
  • responding to their queries within 3 working days in term-time and 1 week outwith term-time (unless another timescale or alternative route to deal with queries has been advised)
  • reviewing resources, attending information sessions and more formal training
  • providing a briefing if they will be going on research leave (or similar) and a colleague will be now be supporting the student
  • seeking assistance from the Senior Personal Tutor, the Dean for Student Support and/or specialist support services in the University
  • providing a reference for a future employer or for postgraduate study if the student should request this
  • helping to make the most of the opportunities available at the University to enable the student to support their personal development and employability including through the co-curriculum
  • helping to manage their evaluation and achievement of the Graduate Attributes


  • Being a Personal Tutor is part of the role of academic staff on teaching contracts for more than 0.5 FTE at the University and should be accorded equal priority with research and teaching. If a colleague is struggling with the role, they are encouraged to seek support from the Senior Personal Tutor, their Academic Line Manager, the Head of School and/or the Dean for Student Support.   
  • A personal tutor is not a mental health adviser, a counsellor or expected to be an expert in all elements of a student’s programme.