Below are links to web pages and documentation that you may find useful, both in terms of guiding students and answering their general queries, and seeking advice for yourself as a Personal Tutor, especially with regard to support and IT tools.

  • If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, try our FAQ.
  • For enquiries within your School regarding the Personal Tutor System, see the Senior Personal Tutor Directory.
  • For all other enquiries and general support, please get in touch with the Personal Tutoring Support Staff in Infohub:
For You, as a Personal Tutor

Getting started

There are currently several different systems you can use to help you support your tutees and we have produced guides to step you through each. The system you use will depend on what you want to do:

I want to… See our guide on…
View a list of my personal tutees Using MyCurriculum
View and save a list of my personal tutees Using Student Records
Email an individual tutee Using MyCurriculum
View a tutee’s enrolment details and course selection summary, and record notes Using MyCurriculum
Search for a tutee Using MyCurriculum
Create and modify meetings with tutees* Using MyAberdeen
Contact tutees Using MyAberdeen
View my tutees’ timetables Using MyTimetable
View a tutee’s record Using Student Records
Print tutees’ record cards Using Student Records
View a tutee’s monitoring history Using Student Records

*Meetings: For 2016 Academic Year, Personal Tutors can use the Groups facility in MyAberdeen to organise their initial welcome and exam reflection meetings with tutees. You can also use MyAberdeen to schedule additional meetings with your tutees.

While face-to-face meetings are preferred, you may (particularly when you are off campus) also use Blackboard Collaborate as a ‘virtual meeting room’. Your tutees will need to have access to a webcam or mobile device. You could also ‘meet’ using Skype which is now available on University Staff PCs.

For further guidance, see our Preparing for Meetings pages.

Leaflets and guides

Workshops and training

For other training and development opportunities, see Staff Development pages on StaffNet.

For Your Personal Tutees

Student queries

If a student has a query or problem relating to any of the following, please refer them to Students’ Infohub:

  • ID Cards
  • Making payments to the University
  • Student Records
  • Accommodation
  • Registry

For students with personal difficulties – such as disability advice, financial concerns, personal issues, visa renewals – please refer them to Student Services and Support

Resources for students

Support services for students

See our Student Help Guide for a full list of support services, including contact details.