Course and Programme Design, Approval, Validation and Review

Before a course or programme can be taught within the University, it is necessary for it to be scrutinised to ensure it complies with the University’s required standards (as laid out in the Academic Quality Handbook) and those of the Quality Assurance Agency.

The University imposes strict timelines for the submission of SENAS forms to ensure a new course or programme can be considered appropriately. Furthermore, the adherence to timelines is particularly important to ensure a new course or programme can be timetabled.

The University requires that all SENAS forms are submitted for approval no later than the 30 November in the academic year before teaching is due to commence.

Questions or comments arising from the SENAS process can be answered by contacting

In order to allow for scrutiny, the University’s online SENAS system has been developed. The system requires the completion and submission of the appropriate SENAS form (new course, new programme, amendment or withdrawal). The University provides detailed guidance notes for help with completion of these forms.

Once submitted, the SENAS form will be considered by individuals including the appropriate Head of School, Head of College and a representative of the Quality Assurance Committee.

The University Calendar and the Catalogue of Courses

Once approved by the University courses and programmes are made available to staff and students

The University Calendar lists every programme offered by the University in a given academic year, the academic regulations which must be adhered to and the courses which must be studied to ensure a student can graduate.

The Catalogue of Courses is a catalogue of all the courses the University offers, listed by subject area.