Learning & Teaching Event / TESTA
8 January 2020

Learning & Teaching Event / TESTA
8 January 2020

Learning & Teaching Event, 8 January 2020

Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment (TESTA)

Keynote presentation

Dr Lorraine Anderson, Assistant Director & Head of Academic Skills Centre; Lynn Boyle, Senior Lecturer; Dr Rachel Horrocks-Birss, Academic Literacies Developer; University of Dundee

Title and description:

Another brick in the assessment wall: an overview and case study of the development of Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment (TESTA) at the University of Dundee

This session focussed on the vision for TESTA at Dundee, how that has been brought to life, and its successes and challenges over the last eight years. The team from Dundee looked at the introduction of TESTA and how it operates within the University and focussed on a case study example from the BA Childhood Practice/Studies. There was a workshop activity supporting participants in reflecting on the potential for TESTA at the University of Aberdeen.


It was clear from the event that there was a great deal of interest in the Testa approach, and others across the university have identified the potential for TESTA to support their desire to enhance assessment. Professor Ruth Taylor (Vice Principal Education) will work with her team to lead a wider discussion and develop a strategic approach to: i) determining if TESTA as an approach might be useful for the University of Aberdeen, and ii) working with Schools and other colleagues to identify next steps. Further communication will be forthcoming.


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How to book Collaborate Lecture Space KCG7 and KCGF7

This was the inaugural session in one of the new Kings South Quad Collaborative Lecture Spaces (KCG7 and KCGF7). If you are interested in booking one of these spaces which support and promote opportunities for enhancing student engagement and innovative approaches to large group teaching, please contact the Room Bookings Team, email: roombookings@abdn.ac.uk