Graduate Attributes

As part of Curriculum Reform, the concept of a specific set of qualities, known as Graduate Attributes, emerged. These were designed so that a University of Aberdeen education would enable graduates to become:

  • Academically excellent
  • Critical thinkers and effective communicators
  • Open to learning and personal development
  • Active citizens

You will find a full listing of the individual attributes at Aberdeen Graduate Attributes.

To support the reformed curriculum and to offer students resources to develop and achieve these Graduate Attributes, the ACHIEVE site was launched to all Level 1 students in September 2010, and has now been extended to all undergraduate students. ACHIEVE can be found in the My Organisations section of MyAberdeen.

ACHIEVE on MyAberdeen

This online resource offers undergraduates the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the range and meaning of the Aberdeen Graduate Attributes and provides them with a comprehensive collection of resources to assess and reflect upon their present skills and development needs. This will help them make the most of the opportunities available to develop their skills through taught courses and also through co-curricular activities, such as work placements, study abroad and volunteering.

The ACHIEVE site offers materials to help students to improve their skills and links to university services, including the Student Learning Service and the Careers and Employability Service. The site has been developed by the Centre for Learning and Teaching and the Careers and Employability Service under the guidance of a Curriculum Reform Implementation Board sub group (which includes College Directors of Teaching and Learning, DIT and Students' Association representation) and in consultation with School Directors of Teaching.

You will find this new resource in the My Organisations section of MyAberdeen. To help make the most of the service, workshops will be held for students during the year, details of which can be found on our new students web pages. Information will also be found in flyers around the campus.

If you have any queries or feedback about the ACHIEVE resource, please email

ACHIEVE: a Brief Guide

The University of Aberdeen's Graduate Attributes are a wide-ranging set of qualities which students will develop during their time at Aberdeen and will help prepare them for employment, further study and citizenship.

The ACHIEVE MyAberdeen site offers students resources that will enable them to assess, reflect and improve their skills and development needs.

The site is largely intuitive, presenting the four main areas of the Graduate Attributes on the home page with descriptive text indicating the resources within each heading. Resources are provided as documents (PDF and MS Word) and interactive tools to self-assess and improve skills.

Within the "How can I use this site?" button on the Home page, students are encouraged to use their personal portfolio which is accessible with the ACHIEVE site. Instructions as to how to set up and use the ePortfolio can be found within the same section.

Students can explore the resources within each section and actively self-assess skills such as writing, numeracy or IT.

The ACHIEVE site also contains links providing information for students.

The ACHIEVE resources are found within MyAberdeen and accessible to all staff and all undergraduates.

You can find a PowerPoint slide to promote ACHIEVE in your introductory course lecture in the Graduate Attributes FAQ section of the Centre for Academic Development website.