An Agreement is the formal document agreed by the University and the partner(s) regarding the partnership. It sets out the rights, responsibilities and obligations of each party and governs the formal relationship between them. In addition, it articulates the requirements of the programme of study, including but not limited to admission, registration, supervision, monitoring, assessment and examination, appeals and complaints, and fees. It is a legally binding document and is a requirement for student-related partnerships.

A number of agreement templates for the common types of partnership the University enters is available from Research and Innovation.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is used to show only intent of collaboration without committing to specific activities. It does not represent a binding agreement but often signals the intention of working towards one. An MoU cannot be used in place of a legally binding Agreement and students cannot be admitted on the basis of an MoU. Aberdeen does not require MoUs to be put in place but if a potential partner requests an MoU can be supplied (template agreement to be made available in due course).