Delivery of Education TFG Report

Delivery of Education TFG Report

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Principles for the Delivery of Education (2022/23)

These Principles for the Delivery of Education were developed through a Task and Finish Group with wide consultation to support the preparation for, and delivery of, our education in academic year 2022/23 and beyond.  Drawing upon the learning from our ‘Evaluation of Blended Learning’ which included feedback from our staff and students, alongside evidence from the sector, the Principles have been developed to support and underpin our approach to the delivery of education in the coming academic year.  The Principles, and the associated guidance and training, will enable us to continue to develop innovative approaches to learning, teaching and assessment with coherence and consistency whilst providing flexibility to reflect disciplinary requirements.

We will work closely together in AY2022/23 to take forward wider work on our Aberdeen 2040 Curriculum to support our future delivery of Education.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to their development.


Ruth Taylor (Vice-Principal Education)