The co-curriculum

The co-curriculum comprises a range of activities that students participate in outside of their academic studies to enhance their skills and attributes. Student involvement in approved co-curricular activities is included on their Enhanced Transcript

Co-curricular activities include (but are not restricted to):

Enhanced Transcript

From July 2014 students at the University of Aberdeen have received an Enhanced Transcript at graduation together with their degree certificate. The Transcript includes not only details of a student’s courses and grades, but also any approved co-curricular activities undertaken whilst at University. Students can share their Enhanced Transcript with employers and postgraduate recruiters to evidence their wider university learning and achievements.

The Enhanced Transcript Verification Panel is responsible for managing, reviewing and quality assuring Enhanced Transcript co-curricular entries. The Panel meets twice a year (April and September) and reports to the University Committee on Teaching & Learning (UCTL). The Panel is also responsible for making recommendations to UCTL for new roles to be recognised in the Co-curricular Section of the Enhanced Transcript.

Academic Schools/disciplines interested in seeking approval for a new role/activity which is not already recognised should contact the Careers and Employability Service ( Inclusion criteria for the Co-curricular Section of the Enhanced Transcript are given below.


In order to be eligible for inclusion on the Enhanced Transcript the role must fulfil ALL the following criteria:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to develop Aberdeen Graduate Attributes and to:
    • Broaden their knowledge outside the academic curriculum
    • Enhance their career development learning and where possible contribute to the University community
  • Must be an established University co-curricular role/activity*
  • Involve sustained and regular commitment (at least 10 hours) over one or both half-sessions.
  • Not be part of the taught academic credit-bearing curriculum.
  • Involve developing undergraduate or taught postgraduate employability.

Further Information

If you have any queries, please contact the Careers and Employability Service.

*Co-curricular activities refers to opportunities which complement the academic curriculum and which are formally linked to University (e.g. STAR Award, Career Mentoring & volunteering). In comparison, involvement in off-campus community initiatives and/or other recreational activities are referred to as ‘extra-curricular activities’. Both co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities are important to students’ personal development and their CV profile, and are frequently valued by employers.