Advance HE 2021 CATE Award-Winning Team

Advance HE 2021 CATE Award-Winning Team

Transforming learning through collaboration: Reflections from the TQFE/BAPD CATE-winning team

The award-winning TQFE/BAPD team. From top, left to right: Dr Rachel Shanks, Dr Aileen Ackland, Dr Stephanie Thomson, Christine Calder, Sarah Cornelius, Chris Aldred, Mary Stephen, Professor Yvonne Bain

This session explored the work of the Teaching Qualification in Further Education (TQFE) and BA Professional Development (BAPD) team, based in the School of Education, who were recently awarded the Collaborative Award in Teaching Excellence (CATE) - a national award from Advance HE. The team explained their own context, what the award is looking for and how they were able to demonstrate the impact, value and reach of their work together.

Professor Ruth Taylor handing over prize to Dr Stephanie Thomson

Watch the recording of this session followed by Professor Ruth Taylor's closing remarks.