Given the number of changes anticipated in advance of September 2020 to ensure that adaptations required to courses and programmes to align with the Blended Learning principles the QAC will implement a stream-lined approval process for first half-session 2020-21 courses.


The process for gaining QAC approval for amends is detailed below and summarised in flow chart format here.


A list of assessments and teaching formats that QAC will automatically approve is detailed in the ‘pre-approved’ changes list available here. Schools should include such changes within their submissions to the QAC.


Schools are asked to:

  1. Outline intended course changes via a spreadsheet/ table or by adding the information to their School-level BLITFG spreadsheets which are subsequently forwarded to QAC for approval.  The information required for QAC approval is as follows:

Course Information:

Course Code


Significant changes to teaching pattern

 (e.g. changing tutorials to online discussion fora, changes to lab practicals or field courses)


Assessment changes:

Current assessments with weightings


Proposed assessments with weightings



  1. Ensure that all assessments have External Examiners approval; this can be done in parallel with step 3 (below) provided External Examiner approval is agreed by 30 August 2020.
  2. Submit completed spreadsheets/tables to the relevant School Curriculum Administrator (CA) by 14 August 2020.

The CA will forward the School submission to the relevant QAC Approver who will consider the changes and give approval, normally by 30 August 2020.  This may require further discussion between the course coordinator and QAC member and refinement of proposals before approval is given.Following QAC approval:

  1. Ensure that course handbooks clearly outline the assessment and corresponding deadlines.  

Questions should be directed to the School QAC Approver or Curriculum Administrator (CA).


Post QAC Approval the Curriculum Team will update the Catalogue of Courses