Have a look at the eLearning news for the month of October. This includes information about updates to MyAberdeen and a look at the Accessibility tip of the month

MyAberdeen Updates

Below you can find a list of some of the updates applied to MyAberdeen since the September release: 

Ultra Course View 

  • Bulk download submissions: it is now possible to bulk download submission for Blackboard assignments 
  • Decimal points for assessments: the option to assign decimal points is now available.  
  • Regrade questions in question pools: this change now allows users to regrade individual questions within a question pool.  
  • Select all and clear all questions for question pools: the option to select all and clear all when using questions from a question pool is now available. 

For a comprehensive list of all the updates and fixes applied to MyAberdeen, please visit the Blackboard Learn Ultra page.

Known issues 

  • When trying to submit to Turnitin, some students are receiving the following error message: Invalid or missing state. See the Turnitin quick guide for troubleshooting advice. 
  • Some Turnitin assignments in Ultra might display the following error message: The membership service failed to initialise Error fetching memberships URL. If you see this error message please contact the eLearning team. 
  • Some students might receive Overdue notifications for assignments they have already submitted. We are trying to identify why this is happening, so please forward any such student queries to eLearning. 
Accessibility Tip of the Month

Making Images Accessible  

Images often provide essential visual information or add clarity to concepts. As users with visual impairments or low bandwidth will not be able to view an image in your document you must provide alternative text (Alt Text).  

How to add Alt Text in MS Office 

  • Right-click an image, shape, chart or other object 
  • Select "Edit Alt Text" 
  • Type in the description or tick "Mark as decorative" 


How to add Alt Text in MyAberdeen 

When uploading an image to MyAberdeen, you can add an alternative text/image description.  


When is Alt Text required?  

Alt text is especially important for images, charts and graphs that are critical to understanding. If the reader can't get the same information from the surrounding text as what the image is conveying, then a detailed description should be added.  

If the image is simply decorative or the information is already included in the text around the image, mark the image as decorative so that screen readers will know to skip these images.  

Further information 

Writing an Accessible Document guide includes examples of writing alt text 

Poet Training Tool provides an in-depth guidance for describing images