Applications for 2020/2021 are closed

Principal’s Teaching Excellence Award 2020/2021

The University of Aberdeen’s Principal’s Teaching Excellence Award (PTEA) 2020/2021 has been redesigned to reflect and capture the rapid response of our teaching staff in navigating and overcoming the many challenges posed by the Covid-19 Pandemic. In these unprecedented times, staff are working tirelessly to ensure accessible, high quality education provision for our current and future students.

During times of uncertainties related to modes of teaching, student learning environments and assessments in the future, teaching staff at the University are undoubtedly learning at speed whilst adapting and future-proofing their educational practices. There is, therefore, much to share about what we are learning as we adapt our approaches to higher education in the current situation.

It is the aim of the PTEA 2020/2021 to capture and share how we have adapted and developed our approaches to learning, teaching and assessment in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This year’s PTEA will, therefore, ask individual educators to share an example of a teaching or assessment challenge posed, or opportunity for innovative development created by the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic:

  1. Provide a detailed description of a teaching or assessment challenge posed/opportunity for innovation offered by the impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic;
  2. Give a reasoned account of your solution/new initiative;
  3. Provide details of how your solution/new venture has been/ will be communicated to colleagues and/students;
  4. Key learning points from your experiences, including any lasting impact on teaching in the future;
  5. Explain how you plan to evaluate your teaching, learning or assessment solution/initiative.

Case studies are to be submitted to the Centre for Academic Development ( by Monday 25 January 2021. All submitted case studies will be reviewed by a panel of senior educators from across the University. The PTEA Panel will select one case for the Principal’s Teaching Excellence Award. Up to another three case studies will be selected for commendation. All case studies will be considered by the Panel for inclusion in the new ‘Covid-19 – Challenges and Innovative Solutions for Educators’ section in the University’s Teaching and Learning, Good Practice Webpages. Results will be announced as part of the wider university Teaching Excellence Awards on Thursday 1 April 2021.

The proforma here indicates the expected content of a PTEA 2020/2021 application. However, as well as written responses in the text boxes, to reflect the creativity brought about by the pandemic, you are invited to (but you don’t have to) insert one artefact (maximum) to help to show how you have worked through your challenge/ innovative development. To supplement your written expressions, you could, for example, insert an extract from your diary, a concept map, a doodle, a drawing, a poem or link to music to help you to tell the story of your teaching, learning or assessment development/ initiative. If you decide to take this option, please make the links to your experiences clear within your allocated word count.

*You are not required to include the words within any such additional artefacts in your word count.