Swap Shop Synopsis 2018


Dynamic Feedback

Dr Martin Barker, Senior Lecturer (Scholarship), School of Biological Sciences.

This workshop will explore ways to make feedback more of a ‘conversation’ between teacher and student. Closing the feedback loop allows a better understanding of how (or even whether) staff feedback is being used by students. It also gives opportunities for students to benefit from the feedback that they get, both as an incentive and a reward.


Digital Enhanced Learning: experiences and preferences of students and staff

Dr Kirsty Kiezebrink, Senior Lecturer (Scholarship), Institute of Applied Health Sciences.

This will be an interactive swap shop where we will look at how technology can be used in the facilitation of learning as experienced by staff and students.  As a group we will aim to work through some of the challenges and barriers to embracing this technology and identify some techniques that can help enhance the experience for those involved.  We will be asking 4 key questions: 

  • What digitally enhanced learning tools are available? 
  • What encourages or discourages us to engage with these?   
  • If it’s not broke why fix it?
  • What changes do I need to make to my teaching to enable the use of this type of technology


Survey Insights

Dr Colin Calder, Senior Adviser, Centre for Academic Development.

This workshop will explore the evidence for enhancement from core student surveys in the context of changes to the instruments used at Aberdeen in AY2017/18 and the changing landscape of student surveys across the sector.

Colin Calder Bsc PhD FHEA is a senior adviser at the University of Aberdeen's Centre for Academic Development, where he oversees operation and analysis of the University’s core student surveys and undertakes evaluation and research to inform teaching and learning enhancement.


An Induction and Feedback Process for Enhancement

Prof. David McCausland, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Business School.

Key messages:

  • students at the forefront of designing selected induction activities developing productive peer relationships
  • accreditation and professional bodies informing the design of the induction portfolio to embed employability awareness from the outset
  • matrix of informal and formal methods, both bespoke and institutional processes, feeding into the design of the curriculum and assessment as well as the induction portfolio itself



Enhancing the Student Experience: Using the Evidence in PIR

Dr Stuart Durkin, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, School of Social Sciences, and Dr Malcolm Harvey, Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Relations, School of Social Sciences.

This workshop will draw upon experience from two honours modules in Politics and International Relations, designed to incorporate the evidence associated with good outcomes for undergraduate.


Getting the best from SCEF

Dr Peter Henderson, Senior Lecturer (Scholarship), School of Natural and Computing Sciences.

In this workshop we’ll look at different question options, and the settings for sending out the survey and reminding students. This isn’t a workshop on ‘how to write surveys’ but aims to offer some practical examples of how to (re)write your own SCEF. It’s an opportunity to discuss with others the questions we may want to ask about our courses.

HEA Compendium

Chair: Dr Darren Comber, Senior Educational Development Officer, Centre for Academic Development

This session will comprise a 'compendium' of short, snappy ideas for teaching, submitted by University of Aberdeen staff and drawn mostly from their Higher Education Academy (HEA) applications. Ech presenter will provide a 3-4 minute overview of their idea, followed by the opportunity for discussion with the audience about how their idea might be used in different contexts and subject areas plus how to get started with it. 

  • Teaching students how to read

Dr Gerry Hough, Lecturer (Scholarship), School of Divinity, History and Philosophy

  • Some real benefits of thinking backwards

Dr Heidi Mehrkens, Lecturer (Scholarship), School of Divinity, History and Philosophy

  • Story Telling in Lectures

Dr Michael Scholz, Lecturer (Scholarship), School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition

  • The Weekly Challenge: engaging students beyond immediate course topics

Dr Clare Trinder, Lecturer (Scholarship), School of Biological Sciences