International Students: Application to Enrolment

International Team, Student Recruitment and Admissions Service

Engaging prospective students to support their transition to University

UK Team, Student Recruitment and Admissions Service

Dissecting Anatomy teaching in MBChB: How multimodal teaching has improved student engagement

Dr Asha Venkatesh and Professor Simon H Parson

The Peer Assisted Learning Scheme: Improved Student Engagement with Anatomy using the In-Through-Out Transition model

A Rose, L Singh, A Cameron and A Venkatesh

Employer & Student Engagement: AAB and the University of Aberdeen

Dr Zachary Hickman

Promoting Engagement in Human Factors: A Three-Pronged Approach

Dr Amy Irwin

Filling the European Skills Gap – Preparing the Next Generation of European Bio-Entrepreneurs

Dr Allison Carrington and Professor Andy Porter

Use of iPads for Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) to assess clinically-related science skills

Professor Alison Jenkinson and Dr Derek Scott

 Adapting Objective Structured Practical Examinations (OSPE’s) to assess clinically-related science skills

Professor Alison Jenkinson and Dr Derek Scott

Effectiveness of High Fidelity Human Patient Simulators in Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology Teaching – A Pilot Study

Dr Alastair Macdonald and Dr Derek Scott

Peer Assisted Learning

Dr Emily Nordmann and Marek Nikolič

 Development of an innovative teaching toolbox for pharmacokinetics

Dr Steve Tucker and Professor Heather Wallace

University of Aberdeen Undergraduate Term Time Employment

Cath Dennis, John Lemon and Vasilis Louca

Automated student engagement analytics: a short cut to transitions monitoring

Dr Steve Tucker

Developing of interactive online resources to support and enhance numerical skills among Medical Science student

V.S. Psalmon, A.McE. Jenkinson, M. Richard, D.A. Shewan and S.J. Tucker

Developing a University-Wide Transitional Peer Mentoring Scheme for First Year Undergraduates: Students 4   Students

Dr John Barrow

Student Selected Components: Making engagement count

Dr Alison Jack

Enhancing Learning Building Networks: The Qualitative Research Methods Group (QRMG) for Postgraduate Research Students at the University of Aberdeen

Sarah Murdoch and Katie Scholarios

Use of videos to develop practical skills in medical sciences students – addressing the needs of the visual learner

Chukwuebuka Anucha and Dr Derek Scott