Guidelines for contributions to Student eNewsletter

Student Experience Department are responsible for commnications to students, through eNewsletter and social media channels.

Content Submission for Current Student Channels

If you have any news, events or achievements that are relevant to students, please complete the short content submission online form.

Student Guidance and Templates

The purpose of the Student eNewsletter is to provide a bi-weekly round-up of relevant events and news for students. This can range from exciting research from the University, individual student successes, upcoming events, opportunities for students, and key information e.g. system updates. The University's student eNewsletter and AUSA's eNewsletter alternate weeks.

The AUSA e-newsletter similarly communicates to students  but with a focus on AUSA, sports, and societies. For more information on AUSA's eNewsletter please visit the Student website.

Student Experience Department also run several social media channels to communicate with students, including Facebook (page and closed groups), Instagram, Twitter. Content is regularly posted throughout the week including events, news and key updates.

  • A list of student social media channels are shown on the Student website.

Please note that all submissions will be reviewed and edited before publication to ensure a consistent tone and style across all communications.

eNewsletter Deadline

  • The deadline for student experience e-newsletter contributions is 10am on Tuesday each week that we send out an e-newsletter, for publication the following day.
  • Submissions can be made at any time for student social media content. We will endeavour to publish your posts as soon as possible through the relevant channels or groups, but please be aware that immediate posting is not guaranteed at busy periods.
  • The deadline for sending content for the AUSA newsletter is 5pm on Monday for newsletters sent the same week (e.g. for newsletter sent on w/c 27th April deadline is 27th of April).

Format of submissions for eNewsletter

  • Communications with students aim to be colourful, eye-catching and interesting for students.
  • Please ensure content is catered to provide value for a student readership (both postgraduate and undergraduate).
  • Please be mindful that the team members dealing with the content submission request may not be familiar with your event or article and therefore key background information should be given to ensure we can communicate your submission effectively.

Word Count for eNewsletter

  • Word count for articles is strictly 100 words. However, there is the potential each week for flexibility, so if you feel some details would enhance the article but mean it exceeds this word limit, please include them below the main content in bullet points, in order of importance. We may be able to add this info in.
  • If word count is proving particularly limiting, please provide a ‘read more’ link in the form for us to consult and/or include in the final article.


  • Images should be eye-catching and relevant to the content submitted. Contributors should ensure that they have permission to use an image before it is submitted for inclusion.
  • Images should be a minimum quality of 72dpi. Low quality or blurred images will not be included, and the same image or logo will not be used more than once in any one issue of the newsletter.
  • When submitting content for social media channels please provide high quality images to support the text. Generally, we would expect images to be no less than 1080 pixels wide to retain quality across social channels.
  • Images must be submitted in a jpeg format. If you do not have imagery to support your communication, we are happy to assist in providing imagery in some circumstances.

E-Newsletter Regular Features

We are still in the process of creating a comprehensive content schedule for our e-newsletters ahead of time, however we do currently have several regular sections within the e-newsletter. We’d love to receive any content that you feel may be interesting to students, so treat these as guidelines!

  • What’s on? – key events that month or week, around campus or off-campus, associated with the university or a University society in some way.

  • School specific information

  • Your successes – for this we look for entries including, but not limited to, sporting achievements, academic achievements, achievements in the arts, personal achievements.

  • Current affairs – For this section we try to engage with a relevant political or environmental topic. Entries that we would look for might include an interesting piece written by a student on a specific highly relevant issue, or an event being held by a society or department in relation to a topical issue.

  • General UoA news & research – We are looking to include content which engages students with current university success, news, research and activities. Here we would include any research we think would be of interest to our students alongside any important updates.

  • Doha campus – As part of an ongoing effort to create more inclusivity and community across the University’s different campuses, we encourage submissions from the Doha campus with events, exciting initiatives started there, student successes in Qatar etc.