Guidelines for submissions to student communications


The Student Experience Team is responsible for non-academic communications to students, through newsletters, social media channels, VLE announcements and more.  You can submit content for consideration in student communications using the online submission form. Please read the guidelines below before submitting your content.

Departments and Schools can share a maximum of three articles in any one issue. The student newsletter is for University of Aberdeen news and events only. Requests to include information about partner events, personal achievements, fundraising efforts, or anything not directly related to the University will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Content will be reviewed by the Student Experience Team and shared on the most appropriate channel to promote to students. All submissions will be edited before publication to ensure a consistent tone and style throughout.

Student newsletter deadline

The UoA student newsletter provides a fortnightly round-up of news, events and opportunities for University of Aberdeen students.

The UoA newsletter is issued every second Thursday. The deadline for contributions is 10am on Tuesday (the same week as distribution).

AUSA creates its own fortnightly newsletter which is issued on alternate weeks. Submissions to the UoA newsletter will not be included in the AUSA newsletter and vice-versa, unless they are resubmitted using the appropriate online form.  

Newsletter distribution dates

Student newsletter distribution dates are available here.  

Targeted newsletter content

There are a number of regular features in the student newsletter which are shared with all students including: upcoming events, opportunities for you and wellbeing top tips.

Targeted information can also be included in newsletters, and this will be added as a targeted content block and sent only to relevant students.

Targeted content blocks can be used for:

  • School specific information
  • Undergraduate
  • PGR students
  • PGT students
  • Online students
  • Qatar
Social Media

Student Experience manage a number of student-facing social media channels. You can submit content for these channels using the same online submission form.

A list of student social media channels can be found here.

Submissions can be made at any time for student social media. A best effort approach will be adopted to sharing content, however publication cannot always be guaranteed during busy periods.

Content may not be shared if it is not relevant for large numbers of students. When more appropriate, your content may be posted in smaller closed groups which target specific groups of students e.g. PGT/PGR/Accommodation.

Word count for submissions

The word count for submissions is 80 words. Sharing shorter articles with a consistent word count will help ensure that readers can easily find the content that's of interest to them.

If the word count exceeds 80 words, your text should be added to an appropriate webpage by an administrator in your team and a “read more” link should be provided.

If your team doesn’t have an appropriate webpage, your text will be added to the general student news or events pages.


Images should be eye-catching and relevant to the content submitted. Contributors should ensure that they have permission to use an image before it is submitted for inclusion.

They should be a minimum quality of 72dpi and must be submitted as jpegs.  Low quality or blurred images will not be included.

To ensure accessible content, images should not be used to share large amounts of text. Images should only be used to support accompanying text.

If you submit an image that is not suitable for use or you do not have images to support your submission, Student Experience may select a general campus shots or stock image to support your content.

AUSA eNewsletter

The AUSA e-newsletter is shared on alternate week to the student newsletter, with a focus on AUSA, sports, and societies. To submit contributions to the AUSA newsletter, please use their own dedicated online form.

The deadline for content for the AUSA newsletter is 5pm on Monday for newsletters sent the same week. The distribution dates are available here.

Submissions through the UoA Staff & Student Communication Contributions online form will not be included in the AUSA newsletter unless submitted again through the AUSA form above.