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Staff & Student Communication Contributions

Complete the Staff & Student Communication Contributions form to submit content to be shared with staff, current students or prospective students.

Please note that submissions will be reviewed by the appropriate teams and shared using the most appropriate communication channel.

Please refer to the guidelines for submissions in each section before submitting your content. 

Guidelines for submissions to Communications or Marketing

From February 2020, output* from the Communications and Marketing departments will be focused on supporting the Aberdeen 2040 strategy and its four strategic themes: 

We will also prioritise research stories that fit in with the five interdisciplinary challenges

  • Health, nutrition and wellbeing 
  • Social and cultural inclusion 
  • Energy transition 
  • Data and AI 
  • Environment and biodiversity 

Submission form 

The function of the submission form is to allow staff to suggest stories, events or research that supports one or more of the above categories and could benefit from wider dissemination via our Communications or Marketing channels. 

Suggestions could include – ground-breaking research, staff or student successes, funding awards, pre-arranged events, personal accomplishments or endeavours, interesting or quirky video or images - even ones not directly related to your field. Basically, if it’s interesting, unusual or ‘a first’, we want to know about it. 

All submissions will be read but due to the volume received we cannot guarantee that every one will result in an article/post etc. However, rest assured that by telling your Communications and Marketing teams your news you will be helping us to maximise the effectiveness of our positive stories. 

*including but not restricted to - press releases, website/ezine articles, social media posts, videos, case studies and publications.