Rorie Mackenzie tells us about his role as an IT technician, as well as his love of Microsoft, gaming and music.

Tell us about your role at the University

I am part of the IMAT team within IT Services. We are responsible for and specialise in hardware and operating system management, installations, moves and the Technology Renewal Program (TRP). For the past few years, I have been heavily involved in leading moves for IT Services and working out the logistics and feasibility of some of the more demanding projects. 

How do you usually start your day?

Most mornings are a blur, I don’t think I start feeling (or can even emote) until I’ve had some sort of caffeine drink, so that's usually the first thing I aim to do once I've rolled out of bed. My son just turned one back in June, he's up well before I am so I'm thankful that I have a strong willed sleep-deprived partner to get him sorted and ready before we leave the house! Once I have made it in to the office and sat down it's like that scene fromThe Hangover. No not that one. The blackjack scene with numbers and calculations coming to mind.  I schedule my tasks well in advance, which makes it easy to prepare for the rest of the day with just enough room left for the unexpected.

What brought you to the University of Aberdeen?

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with IT. It has usually been dependant on how the industry develops as a whole whether technology itself enables new opportunities or closes more doors than opens. My IT career started back in 2001, also at an educational institution. I moved to Aberdeen in 2006 and many IT roles presented themselves in the support area. I think it was around this time I fell out of love with the profession and needed a change. In 2011 an opportunity arose at the University and it just felt right to put my IT cape back on in a familiar and welcoming environment.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Overall, the ability to concentrate, specialise and build upon one area under the IT hood. I've had perhaps one too many IT jobs in the past supporting companies with everything from A to Z often without a team.

My absolute favourite thing however is getting to know individuals and teams across the University, discovering and getting to understand their roles, requirements and how I can make their jobs easier; whether that's by providing and implementing better hardware or upgrading to and utilising Operating systems like Windows 10 to benefit their day to day tasks.

What are your work priorities at the moment?

The team and I have just started auditing throughout the University and will continue for the whole month. Our asset management system plays a pivotal role in our daily operations across all of IT and also in ensuring IT Services can maintain a high standard of support so it benefits everyone in the end.

I am also preparing for various move projects that are all seemingly taking place before the start of term.

Once that has settled I hope to be focusing more on Windows 10. I am a huge Microsoft fan boy so I'm looking forward to working more on that. I can hear the booing from the Apple crowd already.

How do you like to relax outside work?

On top of family time and making sure my son isn't eating cables and pressing buttons he has no concept of or idea what they do, I usually stress myself out further by gaming online, both recreationally and competitively, usually with, or sometimes against colleagues. I've been a gamer for near enough 30 years now. I'm also a musician, and although I've not actively played in a band in the last couple of years there's never a moment music isn't playing at home. My tastes are quite eclectic, I find death metal just as relaxing as Enya, if you like.