Toolkits and Courses

Toolkits and Courses

Toolkits and Courses

The Postdoc Development Hub offers several Toolkits and Courses. They are free to enroll in and are completely online and at your own pace. For more details, see the descriptions below, which also contain their page and registration links. For the registration codes, click here.

Writer's Toolkit

The Writer's Toolkit is designed to help you...

  • Find, write, and edit your research story
  • Write a literature review, proposal, and publication 
  • and more, all wrapped up within 12 "tools"
Project Management Practitioner Course

The Project Management Practitioner Course is an opportunity for PIs and aspiring PIs to develop their project management skills. It contains instruction on... 

  • The basics of how to put project management theory into practice.
  • The 5 key questions of project management.
  • How to structure your project for success, and manage project people.
  • How to kick off and close down your projects effectively.
  • How to deal with project problems.
Productivity Toolkit

The Productivity Toolkit helps you think, feel, and be more productive. It covers how to...

  • Think more productively with key mindsets to support your ability to deliver.
  • Feel more productive as you understand how to deal with crises and focus on what’s important.
  • Be more productive by staying realistic, beating procrastination and just getting stuff done.


Communications Toolkit

The Communications Toolkit will help you better communicate your ideas and research by furthering your... 

  • Understanding of typical communication challenges.
  • Development of a pragmatic communication strategy. 
  • Ability to use expert communication thinking with flexibility and ease.