Guidance on UKRI Covid-19 Extension Allocation

Extension Allocation Guidelines

Applications can be submitted at any time before

31 December 2020

Additional funding has been made available from UKRI but it must be distributed in line with the approved governance plan that the University submitted to UKRI.

It's important to note that we only have limited funds and there are restrictions imposed on us by UKRI, such as adhering to certain disciplinary funding proportions and the split of funds to co-applicant organisations.

We invite the submission of applications for additional funds required to meet the original deliverables of the project.

Application Form

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time before

31 December 2020

Important – please note that by applying for the funding, you may be asked to provide further details to enable the University to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on your project in terms of equality and diversity across the University’s research portfolio, including impacts on outputs from projects. When reviewing the CoA applications we have to ensure that the conditions of the award letter are met, specifically:

We expect organisations to use CoA funds to ensure that UKRI grant outcomes continue to be met, the value of its grant investments continue to be realised, and to sustain grant-funded research skills and capability of UK research organisations that will be needed to underpin the post-pandemic national recovery. Further information on the policy is available on the UKRI website -



Which projects are eligible to receive this funding?

All live UKRI grants, including Innovate UK grants, apart from:

  • Those subject to restricted or non-competitive renewals such as:

    • Block grants with automatic renewals

    • Strategic funding for Institutes

    • Facilities

    • NERC National Capability

    • Capital funding calls

    • services or activities that have been provided for separately such as studentships

  • Some Innovate grants:

    • OLEV, ATI, APC and CCAV grants

    • KTPs

  • Projects finishing before 30th September 2021 that have been granted a no cost extension by UKRI after 31st July 2020.

UKRI projects with a current end date after 30th September 2021 are eligible to receive funding through this allocation. Funding would be given via the Covid Allocation award until 30 September 2021 and after this date would revert back to your original grant funding.  Please note that you will be able to request a no-cost extension for your original grant if required.

Please note that we cannot extend projects that have already finished.


UKRI Covid-19 Grant Extension Allocation - Frequently Asked Question's

A full list of comprehensive FAQ's has been prepared by UKRI and can be found here or by clicking on the link.  If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Business Development Officer.