NIHR Researchfish

On an annual basis, NIHR-funded researchers and trainees are asked to submit data about their outputs, outcomes and impacts. Submission to Researchfish is compulsory under the terms of conditions of NIHR grants.  It is vital that all PIs respond within the specified timeframe and report on research outcomes on all grants, both ongoing and completed.  

The next NIHR Researchfish data submission period is 04 February – 14 March 2019. Researchers and trainees are expected to provide details about their research activities.

What is the information used for?

NIHR uses Researchfish to monitor the impact of funded research. The data submitted by researchers about their NIHR awards allows NIHR to:

  • evaluate the difference that NIHR funded research is making to the health and wealth of our nation
  • advocate continued research funding
  • evaluate the most effective ways to allocate it.

It also offers Institutions and researchers the opportunity to assess the success and impact of NIHR awards in the same way.


The NIHR will contact researchers and trainees annually during the award and for at least five years afterwards. Researchers should be aware that NIHR have a clear sanctions policy for researchers who fail to provide an annual Researchfish submission in accordance with their contractual requirements:

  • the researcher or trainee may be ineligible for consideration for further NIHR awards
  • payments may be withheld.

More information about Researchfish submissions for NIHR can be found here