Innovative Circuit Breaker Technology - Commercial Champion role

Innovative Circuit Breaker Technology - Commercial Champion role

The University of Aberdeen is seeking a Commercial Champion to work with the University on a consultancy basis to advise on commercialisation of innovative circuit breaker technology for direct current power networks.

We expect that DC Circuit breakers will be an essential and ubiquitous component in direct current power transmission and distribution systems, such as the North Sea subsea power grid for integration of large-scale renewables.  DC circuit breakers are in the early development stages, and our technology offers a step advance over current commercial products.  Advances in DC circuit breaker technology   will facilitate cost effective development of DC electrical power networks.

We are therefore seeking a Commercial Champion to work with the academic and technology transfer teams.

The team have secured short-term funding to develop the proposition further with view to securing Scottish Enterprise High Growth Spin Out Programme (HGSP) funding for a project lasting up to 12 months.

The Commercialisation Champion will help with thefollowing immediate deliverables:

  1. Further articulation of the opportunity – in particular the market size, market segmentation and competition
  2. Input into the project scope and milestones for the HGSP project
  3. Input into planning for investment

We anticipate that further contribution will be required when HGSP funding is secured:

  1. Additional work on understanding the market – size and segmentation
  2. Monitor and report on competitive products
  3. Identify and engage with potential customers and investors
  4. Development of a business plan for investment

We are seeking a consultant with experience in the following:

  • Business development within an industry environment
  • Commercialisation of innovative and disruptive technology

Experience in the following would be advantageous:

  • Knowledge of the electrical power networks industry
  • Commercialisation of electrical system components.
  • Experience of University spin outs
  • Securing investment in start up companies

Please contact Dr Ann Lewendon to discuss this position and for further information.

Email her at: