Equality Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessment

REF 2021: Equality Impact Assessment

The institutional Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) was approved by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Senior Management Team, and reported to University Court in June 2021.   It is now available to download here.

The EIA was submitted to the funding councils as part of the institutional submission to REF 2021.  It includes analyses around eligibility and submitted outputs to the REF 2021, and identifies the key messages arising from the data and the actions taken by the University to address these. 

The data analysis focuses on eligibility criteria and selection of attributed outputs as these are the data that will be used by the funding councils and will form the basis of their considerations and policy development for research.

Further information is available from Marlis Barraclough, Research Policy and REF Manager (m.barraclough@abdn.ac.uk).

Further information about the REF is available at www.ref.ac.uk