CSO and ResearchFish

The Chief Scientist’s Office (CSO) uses the ResearchFish system to collect the outputs from grants and fellowships that it funds. Collection of such information is vital in order for CSO to be able to demonstrate the value of the research it funds and highlight case studies of where a genuine impact on the health service has been realised.

The next reporting window for research outcomes for The Chief Scientist’s Office will take place between 04 February and 14 March 2019; submissions are made through Researchfish.

Grant holders will have received communications directly from the funder, please follow the funders instructions to complete your Researchfish return.

The reporting window coincides with that of RCUK (now UKRI) grants, so you may also have received communications about your RCUK (now UKRI) grants. 

Submission of research outcomes was required between 04 February and 14 March 2019.  Annual submissions have to be made for all live grants, and for five years after their completion.  This includes ‘nil returns’ where no outcomes can be reported. 


Submission Details

Researchers (including students) are asked to log on to Researchfish and submit a return between 04 February and 14 March 2019 to confirm that their information is accurate and complete at that time. Researchers can add information at any time during the year, but they can only submit a return during the submission period. Where a PI does not expect any further outcomes, he/she can ask the research council to close the grant. Where there are no further outcomes in this period, or where there are no outcomes yet, researchers have to submit a nil return.  


Help and Support

There are short webinars (lasting around 10 mins) on the Researchfish website to help you find out how to use the system:  https://www.researchfish.com/helpwiz

The Researchfish content guide is also available for guidance on the various types of information that Researchfish records.

For further information please read the Common questions section or email researchreporting@abdn.ac.uk.