British Heart Foundation

Like many other funders, BHF use Researchfish, to gather information about research outputs and outcomes. BHF ask for information on all active (financially open) grants as well as any grant that closed after 1 January 2014. The next Researchfish submission period is from 04 Feb 2019 to 14 Mar 2019

What you will need to do

You should enter the relevant information into distinct output types and sections in your Researchfish portfolio. You or a nominated delegate can add, edit and delete entries, which can then be quickly and easily attributed to one or more grant awards you hold with us or with any of the other funding organisations that use Researchfish.

The BHF Researchfish guidance briefly outlines what They want to know in each section of Researchfish.

When to submit

Researchers need to submit BHF-related grant evaluation data once a year, during a defined submission period. The next Researchfish submission period, is now open and runs from 04 February to 14 March 2019. After the submission period, you can enter, amend and update information in your portfolio at any time throughout the year.


Check the list of frequently asked questions (PDF) to see if your query can be resolved there.

For technical queries please contact the Researchfish support team. For any other queries, please email