BBSRC has provided the following guidance on the activities that GCRF-IAA funding may be used to support:

  • To strengthen the understanding of international development challenges through the exchange of knowledge, skills and by building capability.
  • To generate knowledge and best practice for engagement with researchers and user communities in DAC listed countries to understand research and innovation needs relevant to bioscience research; supporting pathways to delivering impact from investments; and share best practice in research commercialisation and enabling enterprise in an international development context.
  • To support activities that enable impact to be generated effectively and in a timely way e.g. workshops, secondments, people exchange and small scale exploratory activities.
  • To build strong collaborative relationships and networks with UK and international researchers and non-academic stakeholders to position appropriately for future ODA-relevant research applications.
  • To enhance impacts from existing BBSRC investments and enable ROs to align current research activities towards ODA aims.
  • To fund both directly incurred and directly allocated costs, and include indirect and estate costs.  Consequently Investigator and staff time can be charged to individual projects as required. Direct costs including Travel and Subsistence, may be claimed at 100%.
  • To build on BBSRC investments and co-funded investments.

GCRF-IAAs cannot be used to support the following:

  • Patent filing or similar costs associated directly to registering intellectual property rights.
  • Non-specific Public Engagement activities and science communication (specific activities designed to have specific impact upon a specific public may be acceptable).
  • New research.
  • Infrastructure and Capital Expenditure, i.e. no single items of equipment above the £10k threshold are permitted.
  • Student fees and stipends.