Telephone extension review

Telephone extension review

We are reviewing all telephone extensions across the University. Find out how you can help.

Do you know of any unused telephones around your workplace?
If so, please advise your office administrator so they can contact us and arrange to cancel the extension if necessary.

Why is this important?

Every University telephone extension has its associated ‘user name’ and department recorded against it in our phone directory for contact and billing purposes.

When a member of staff leaves the University, their directory entry is changed to ‘Reserved’ until a new member of staff takes over the extension. However, unless the extension is cancelled, the associated school/college/department continues to pay the monthly line rental and is also charged for any calls made from the extension.

Simply unplugging a telephone from its socket and putting it aside will not remove it from the billing process.

The many personnel changes in recent months have resulted in a higher than average number of ‘Reserved’ lines. Some of them we already know about, but alerting your office administrator to unused telephones will help us ensure that billing records are updated accordingly.