RESEARCHconnect to become new supplier of research funding opportunity information

RESEARCHconnect to become new supplier of research funding opportunity information

We are pleased to announce the switch from Research Professional to a competitor product RESEARCHconnect as the primary supplier of research funding opportunity information. After a competitive process including a tendering exercise and engagement with end-users and College Directors of Research, we have signed a 3 year campus-wide subscription to RESEARCHconnect. You are encouraged to save search parameters stored in your Research Professional account before the contract with Research Professional ends on July 8, 2016 for a guide to do so click here.

RESEARCHconnect is dedicated to the funding requirements of the research community. It provides a user-friendly database containing a global source of research opportunities, which cover a broad range of funders and disciplines. Its coverage spans international and national programmes and includes authoritative and detailed information on each funding opportunity. RESEARCHconnect also allows you to maximise your chances of success through the use of tools, such as the ‘Comments from Colleagues’ feature, which enable you to connect with other research professionals in your institution, share content and comment on individual funding programmes. The information is constantly being updated in real time so that you have a headstart in applying for funding opportunities and are kept up-to-date on the latest funding trends affecting the sector. In the current economic climate, there is increasing pressure to exploit alternative funding sources and RESEARCHconnect ensures that global funding opportunities will not be missed.

You will be able to configure, save and run and re-run funding searches against a comprehensive world-wide database of research funding opportunities. You can download reports, set-up working groups and configure email alerts to receive information on targeted funding opportunities straight to your email inbox.

How do I access RESEARCHconnect

Your RESEARCHconnect account has already been created for you. Please access your account using the following login credentials.

Web address:

Username: Your University of Aberdeen email Address (e.g.

Password: “aberdeen” (all lower case)

Do not change the password to the same or a similar password that you are using for your University account. Using the same login details for multiple accounts may compromise the University’s online security.

How do I use RESEARCHconnect

We have created a quick-start guide available on Staffnet, click here.

For more detailed instruction use the ‘Help’ guide provided at Research Connect.


Training Workshops for RESEARCHconnect

Attend one of following training workshops (booking not required) to learn more about the product.  

  • Wednesday 13th July 11am to noon Suttie Centre Conference Room 402
  • Thursday 14th July 2pm to 3pm Sir Duncan Rice Library seminar Room 224
  • Wednesday 20th July 10am to 11am Sir Duncan Rice Library Level 7 Meeting Room 1
  • Thursday 21st July 10am to 11am Suttie Centre Conference Room 402


Help and Support

For further information or support please contact

Sent for and on behalf of Research and Innovation and the College Directors of Research