ASV Performance Gym Refurbishment

ASV Performance Gym Refurbishment

ASV is refurbishing the Performance Gym and the Energy Zone fitness suite next month. In order to carry out this work, the Energy Zone will be closed for 6 days from Monday 25th July.

What’s changing?

  • The existing flooring in the performance area will be replaced, which will create more space, reduce noise and vibration and will simply look fantastic
  • Another lifting platform and rack will be added
  • New free weights equipment, including dumbbells, Olympic bars and benches will be provided
  • More ancillary equipment for the Energy Zone, such as Wattbikes, slam balls and yoga mats will be available
  • The Energy Zone will redecorated and refreshed revealing the direction of ASV’s brand to ensure you have a dynamic environment to train in.

While these areas are closed, members will be able to access the following free of charge:

  • Any public swimming session at our Aquatics Centre
    Full access to our squash courts (but please book in advance)
  • ASV will also provide a dedicated functional training space in our Indoor Athletics area, which will be staffed by our Fitness Consultants.
  • The group exercise class timetable will remain as normal.

If you have any further queries on this change, contact