MyCurriculum wins first prize in Business Innovation

MyCurriculum wins first prize in Business Innovation

MyCurriculum, the University's new online course selection system, has won first prize in the Business Innovation category at the Unit4 Connect 2016 Global Conference in Amsterdam.

The award recognises exceptionally innovative deployments of Unit4 systems that have delivered quantifiable results, business benefits and service improvements for organisations.

Expressing his delight, Professor Phil Hannaford, Vice Principal for Digital Strategy and OneSource Programme Sponsor said: “This award is fantastic recognition of the hard work, perseverance and patience of students and staff to support the introduction of MyCurriculum. I’m sure my predecessor as Programme Sponsor, Professor Bryan Macgregor, would also echo this sentiment.”

Talking about the achievement Nicki Matthew, Project Director, said: “MyCurriculum has transformed the way students choose their courses at the University of Aberdeen. The innovative system not only takes account of University rules, regulations degree programme requirements, and course pre-requisites, it also incorporates timetable information and performs clash-checking before options are presented.

Nicki continued: “MyCurriculum is a continued partnership between the University and Unit4’s R&D team in Swansea. The award is a testament to the hard work of the cross-institution team to take MyCurriculum from design to reality, including the project team, key stakeholders and business users from the University, as well as our Unit4 consultant and the R&D Team.” 

Professor McGeorge, Vice Principal for Learning & Teaching, added: “Congratulations to everyone who has played a part in the implementation of this new system. I’m yet to hear of another University that has fully integrated its course enrolment process with its timetabling solution in this way and I’m proud that we’re one of the first to provide a system which will improve our students’ course selection experience each year.”