Reduce waste on Warp-it

Reduce waste on Warp-it

The University's new online platform, Warp-it, helps us to save money and reduce waste across campus.

Warp-it is similar to Freecycle but allows us to reuse items within our own organisation before offering them elsewhere.  It’s really easy to use and can help save money by avoiding the need to purchase new items and avoiding disposal costs.

As an added incentive to register, staff can claim free sweets on the system from now until the end of April. These will be given on a first come first serve basis with a maximum of one claim per staff member.

How does it work?

Example: School A keeps a stock of laminator sheets.  The laminator breaks down and the replacement needs a different type of sheet.  The stock of laminator sheets can be added to Warp-it so that any School or Section across the University can view and claim it.  School B sees the advert and claims it on Warp-it.  The advertiser and claimer each get a message from Warp-it and can then arrange to collect the item or arrange delivery through internal mail.

Where do the free sweets fit in?
From now until the end of April we’ll be adding free sweets each weekday to Warp-it to be claimed on a first come, first served basis (maximum one claim per staff member).  You’ll need to be a registered user of Warp-it to advertise or claim items.

How do I register?
Visit our Warp-it site ( and click ‘Register Now’.  Once you’ve registered check back regularly to see if there’s anything someone’s getting rid of that you need.  Remember to add items you don’t need to keep the process going; we need people to advertise and claim items to make best use of the system.