Principal's Update - December 2015

Principal's Update - December 2015

Spending Review

Following the UK Spending Review on 25 November we gained greater knowledge of the future structure of research funding in the UK.  The Research Councils will remain but will work together under the banner of Research UK, which will be governed by a Board including senior scientists.  This was one of the key recommendations of the Review chaired by Sir Paul Nurse, a review accepted in full by the Chancellor who also protected research funding in real terms as well as providing extra funds for some global challenges.  This funding boost is very welcome.

We have also recently received news of the resulting Scottish Budget.  Protection of health, education and the police means that other areas, including higher education, will receive in 2016/17 significant cuts.  Unlike Westminster the impending Scottish elections mean that we only have a one year budget settlement. The implications for the University will not be properly known until the New Year, but it is clear that we will need to manage our budgets carefully over the next year as we will receive significantly less money from the Scottish Government.  However, I want to make it clear that the University remains in a very healthy position and that with the outstanding teaching that I know has been taking place across the University this term - accompanied by wonderful research exemplified by some of the successes highlighted below - we will continue to flourish in all areas of our activity.

As we move into Christmas and the New Year, I would like to thank everyone across the University for their commitment and drive to take the University forward.  I also recognise that the first semester is a long one and would urge everyone to switch off their emails and have a really good break so as to return refreshed in the New Year.

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