Housing for staff

Housing for staff

The University has a stock of properties to rent on or close to the Old Aberdeen campus and in Bucksburn for staff and their families, academic visitors and PHD/postgraduate students and their families.

These properties range in size from your own bedroom within larger shared housing to family sized housing.  In the shared housing, the communal areas are shared with 2 or 3 co-tenants and tenants have their own single or double bedroom. There are also self-contained one bedroom, 2 bedroom properties and family sized flat and house properties; some of which have a garden, drive or garage. Assistance can also be offered to accommodate departmental visitors.   Some properties may be suitable for offer to external professionals.

There are both furnished and unfurnished properties within the stock.  Terms are flexible with shorter fixed periods or longer term tenancy agreements being available.  

The Staff Housing Office within Estates & Facilities manages these houses on behalf of the University and would be pleased to discuss your requirements.    

If you would be interested in further details, please do not hesitate to contact the Staff Housing Office on staffhousing@abdn.ac.uk, submit your details on the application form which is available on the web under staff housing to staffhousing@abdn.ac.uk, call in past Room 144 in the University Office or ring 01224 272066 or 01224 273102 to discuss your requirement