Camtasia Relay is now TechSmith Relay

Camtasia Relay is now TechSmith Relay

This summer we upgraded the lecture capture software Camtasia Relay to 'TechSmith Relay'. This follows TechSmith's rebranding of Camtasia last year.

How does this affect me?

If you used Camtasia before, there’s nothing new to learn and there is no need to re-register. TechSmith Relay works in exactly the same way as Camtasia Relay.

There is, however, a new Desktop shortcut - see image above.

And if you mention Camtasia Relay in user guides or on web pages, please be sure to update references to say TechSmith Relay.

Where can I find out more?

If you haven’t used lecture capture software before, visit our web pages at to find out more about TechSmith Relay and for links to the user registration form and quick start guide.

For help using TechSmith Relay, please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance –