Car parking permits 2017/18

Car parking permits 2017/18

The University will be printing and issuing car parking permits for the 2017/18 session in the near future.

To ensure we have accurate details for issuing permits please check that your personal and vehicle details are correct on the car parking database

Annual Permit Users

If you are registered for an annual permit your permit will be printed and sent out to you during August/September.  Your 2016/17 permit is valid until the end of September but you can use your 2017/18 permit as soon as you receive it.  2016/17 permits can be disposed of when they become invalid at the end of September.  Please remember that permits for the current year remain the property of the University and must be returned when requested.  If you deregister a vehicle or withdraw during the year we will request the return of your permit.  Permits that are not returned when requested will be treated as lost permits and will result in a charge of £20.  2017/18 permits must be displayed from Monday 2nd October 2017.  If you have not received your new permit by Friday 15th September, please contact us:

Daily Voucher Users

You can continue to use the vouchers you have and purchase new vouchers as needed from University coffee shops and the online store.  Whole sheets of unused, expired vouchers can be exchanged by contacting:

Key points:

Charges are £1 for daily parking and £220 for annual parking.

All staff who use either daily vouchers or an annual permit should check their details on the car parking database at:

Daily vouchers can be purchased from the online store and University coffee shops – a staff ID card must be shown when purchasing vouchers from coffee shops to prove eligibility and a staff ID number will be required when making purchases from the online store.

Annual permits are valid from the time they are received.

New permits need to be displayed from Monday 2nd October 2017.

A Parking Charge Notice (PCN) of £60 will be issued to any unauthorised vehicle parked in contravention of the regulations.


Permits and vouchers must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen.

Adhesive holders for permits/vouchers can be requested from:

Daily vouchers can be bought in advance.  Please don’t leave purchasing them until the day you need them as stock levels at coffee shops can’t be guaranteed.

Please don’t display more than five daily vouchers in your vehicle at any one time.  Besides taking additional time for attendants to search through, they can give the impression that your vehicle has been unattended for days and attract crime.

Please ensure you mark the correct date on daily vouchers and visitor permits.  Incorrectly dated permits and vouchers are invalid and can result in enforcement measures.

If you are expecting a visitor ensure they are aware of the parking regulations and arrange a visitor permit if required.  Please contact the Sacrist if you are arranging a conference and are expecting a large number of conference delegates to be arriving by car; visitor permits should not be used for conferences.

More information, including links to the car parking database, downloadable forms, frequently asked questions, interactive parking maps and parking policy, is available here.