Would you like to help attract more students to the University?

Would you like to help attract more students to the University?

The University's home and rest-of-UK student recruitment team are offering training for academic-related staff that attend, or would like to attend, student recruitment events.

The training will be designed to support those interested in student recruitment in representing the University brand, at both external and internal events such as Applicant Days and Open Days.

The training will involve seminars on undergraduate tuition fees, undergraduate study at Aberdeen, the UCAS application process and a demonstration of the display that the University uses at non-subject specific recruitment events. It will also explain the type of support that is currently available to staff attending subject-specific recruitment events supported by their College or School.

There is no prior expectation as to future levels of commitment but, for those who are interested, there may be further opportunities available for assisting with student recruitment at school career evenings and UCAS conventions.

Those who would like to express their interest in this training should complete the form by clicking here before Wednesday 24th June. The responses will help tailor the sort of training event provided.