Staff Development at the University of Aberdeen

Staff Development at the University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is here to support you in the development of your career, contributing to our Human Resources Strategy of providing a positive working environment which allows staff to optimise their performance, commitment and contribution to the University.

With this in mind, our HR and Staff Development partners have developed a number of courses to support you in your continuing professional development. From information on Family Friendly Policies to Time Management, Recruitment Techniques to Minute Taking, we are developing a suite of workshops designed to help you get the most of your career here at the University.

What’s in it for me?

Taking responsibility for your career is one of the most significant things you can do at work.  That’s why our training courses – with a focus on continuous improvement, development and management skills – are so important. Our courses are designed to help you maintain the knowledge and skills necessary for you to provide a valuable contribution to the University’s activities.

How can I find out more about courses available?

All courses can be found via our Online Course Booking system or accessed through the HR Staff Development Activities area of StaffNet.

We will soon be launching a full suite of development workshops, so please keep an eye on the course booking website in the near future.