New Wednesday Worship at King's

New Wednesday Worship at King's

King's College Chapel worship is to be held on Wednesday evenings during term time.

King's College Chapel worship is to be held on Wednesday evenings at 5.15pm during term time.

It's hoped the move will appeal to more staff, students and other locals to pop in at the end of the working day.

Chaplaincy Assistant, Reverend David Hutchison said: "Remember the days when Sunday morning worship was just alwaystoo difficult to get to? Too early, too cold or wet outside, too tiring to get out of bed first thing on a Sunday morning? Well things are about to change.

"King’s College Chapel worship is about to begin at 5.15pm each Wednesday of term time. It’s an ecumenical service of Christian worship while you’re here on campus.

"But fear not, with all this talk of change, we’ll still have the superb Chapel Choir leading the singing, and we’ll still have a fantastic range of inspired visiting preachers to challenge, excite and set you talking. The annual services to mark Remembrance, Founders’ and the Incorporated Trades will still be on a Sunday morning.

"So when you’re next sitting in your office, the Library, Kilau or the bar on a Wednesday at 5pm, wondering when you might call it a day at work, please know that you’ll be most welcome at our new Wednesday Worship in the Chapel at 5.15pm, and still be heading home by 6."