Do you have funny students?

Do you have funny students?

The BBC is on the lookout for young people to add a bit of humour to the Scottish Referendum.

Budding comics between the ages of 15 and 24 are asked what the Referendum means to them, how they think it will affect them – if at all – and to express it with comedy.

The BBC is looking to create a range of comedy content on Scottish-ness, British-ness, voting– anything, in fact, which feels connected to the referendum and are looking for:-

  • Short jokes and one-liners
  • Character monologues
  • Staged/mocked up conversations
  • Sketches- from the contemporary to the historical
  • Self-recorded material

What's funny..? is open for anyone between 15 and 24. The deadline for entries is Monday 21 April.

For more information, please visit the BBC