Phishing email scams: protect yourself and your PC

Phishing email scams: protect yourself and your PC

Find out how to spot the tell tale signs of phishing email - before you're caught out.

While some phishing emails are blatantly fake (have you won the Lottery recently?!) many others are more sophisticated and it’s getting harder to tell if an email is genuine or not.

However, phishers typically leave tell tale signs in their scams and we have produced a new fact sheet to help you spot these:

One side of this sheet provides you with background information about phishing while the other is a handy quick reference guide in A4 poster format.

How to spot a phishing email fact sheet

If you’re still unsure, or if you would like advice, contact the Service Desk – or

Remember: IT Services will NEVER ask for details of your University username/password combination by email. If you receive an email that asks for this information, delete it.