In the news in 2013

In the news in 2013

The University of Aberdeen generated many news stories during 2013, from research stories to the installation of new Chancellor of the University, HRH The Duchess of Rothesay, to coverage of the May Festival. Here is a selection of some of the stories that hit the news last year.

05 February 2013

Slippers belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister unearthed in Aberdeen

A pair of tiny silk and leather slippers have lain unnoticed in the vast collections of the University of Aberdeen for more than 140 years


07 February 2013

Scientists to develop new scanning technology to 'see' diseases earlier and better

Aberdeen scientists are developing what is thought to be the first scanning method of its type in the world which may allow key diseases to be detected much earlier and in more detail.


08 February 2013

New fish discovered in one of deepest points on Earth

University of Aberdeen scientists have returned from a voyage to one of the deepest points on the planet where they discovered a new species of fish and gained new knowledge of life at previously unexplored depths.


14 February 2013

Plunging new depths in hunt for life-saving antibiotics

The hunt for new life-saving antibiotics is taking researchers to some of the deepest and coldest places on Earth.


18 February 2013

Ancient tooth decay DNA reveals effects of changing diets

DNA from tartar preserved on the teeth of ancient skeletons has revealed the consequences of changes in human diet and health from the Stone Age to modern day.


14 May 2013

First ever May Festival hailed a huge success

Thousands of people descended on the University of Aberdeen at the weekend (Friday, May 10 - Sunday, May 12) for the first ever May Festival.


20 May 2013

Penguins may have ‘happy feet’ but why don’t they fly? 

They are known for being a bird that can’t fly but now scientists believe they have worked out why penguins don’t take to the skies.


03 June 2013

HRH The Duchess of Rothesay to be installed as new University Chancellor

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Rothesay will be formally installed as Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen on Monday June 10.


07 November 2013

Hundreds of hums needed

A University of Aberdeen lecturer is looking for members of the public to help him create a huge collection of hums


06 December 2013

Women's age affects every stage of IVF

A woman's age affects the outcome of every single step of IVF treatment, according to a University of Aberdeen study published today in PLOS ONE. This is the first study of its kind to break down failure rates for each stage of IVF for different age groups.


17 December 2013

Scottish musical legends launch "Stovies Reloaded"

Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham, took to the bustling streets of Edinburgh to launch "Stovies Reloaded," a new cookbook developed by nutritional scientists at the University of Aberdeen.


24 December 2013

Is this the real Doctor Who? Scientists develop average face of the Time Lord

Millions of Dr Who fans are set to be gripped as the latest incarnation of the famous Time Lord is unveiled on Christmas Day.