New file transfer service

New file transfer service

ZendTo is the ideal solution for transferring data securely between colleagues both inside and outside the University.

No more zipping files or overloading your mailbox. Now there’s a better and safer way to send and receive large files.

What is ZendTo?

One and a half times faster than email, this web-based service is a secure and simple way to send and receive files of up to 20GB in size*.

Files are stored on and accessed from the University’s secure server and all files are checked for viruses when they are uploaded.

ZendTo replaces the University’s previous large file transfer utility.

Who can use ZendTo?

University of Aberdeen staff and students and colleagues outside the University.

ZendTo is the ideal solution for researchers who need to exchange files securely with external collaborators.

How does it work?

Using ZendTo’s web interface, University of Aberdeen staff and students can drop-off files for, or pick-up files from, anyone – whether the recipient is inside or outside the University.

External colleagues can also exchange files with University staff and students, provided they know the University of Aberdeen email address they wish to send to.

Great. How do I get started?

ZendTo is available at

For guidance on using ZendTo, click on the ‘About ZendTo’ link at the foot of the login page.


* If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, the file size limit is 2GB.