StaffNet is here!

StaffNet is here!

After a lengthy gestation and months of hard labour by colleagues across the University we are pleased to announce the arrival of StaffNet.

StaffNet is our new internal communication hub with the emphasis on information, communication and community.

It is designed to provide a quick, easy-to-access tool that should make everyone’s job easier by bringing together the useful information we all need in one place, help newly-arrived colleagues settle in quickly, bring us the latest news around campus, and confirm all the vibrancy, diversity and sheer energy of our University community.

Immediate benefits for staff include:

  • a radically improved staff directory
  • a ‘how do I? ‘ section which we hope will grow with your suggestions
  • all our corporate policies together in one place
  • the potential to develop StaffNet for staff to contribute their own news
  • quick access to our corporate Twitter and Facebook

We want to make sure it is meeting your needs, so please have a look and give us your views and suggestions, by email to