New Staff Profiles system is live

New Staff Profiles system is live

The new University of Aberdeen staff profiles system was launched on the 6th of October 2021. The updated profiles feature a contemporary design that is accessible, adjusted to work on all screens, and in line with the University brand guidelines.

An all new, intuitive Staff Pages editing interface makes it easier for users to update their profiles, while several new (and updates of existing) features have been made in collaboration with test groups, gathered user feedback and a content audit conducted by the project team.

Besides the new user interface and profiles design, here is a list of other updates, split into new and updated features:

New features

• Featured Content and Featured Research Content - a new content section for promotion and highlighting of content, both in the general profile overview and the Research tab.

• Delegated Permissions - users can allow other University users to edit their profile.

• I Supervise / I am Supervised by - users have the possibility of linking supervisees/supervisors directly from Pure, the University's Research Information System.

• Programmes & Courses - users can add Degree Programmes and live courses from the course catalogue and link to them directly from their profile.

• Personal Assistants - users can directly link to their Personal Assistant profiles.

• Privacy settings - users have more options to select the level of profile and certain content section visibility.

Updated features

• Profile Picture - easier and faster adding of profile pictures.

• Office Locations - a structured office location feature with a link to Campus Maps.

• Text field editor - streamlined and feature-rich editor for editing text areas within profiles.

• Publications filter – visitors can filter publications from Pure by type