The Student Progress website & Credit Point Calculator

Are your students asking you for advice on their academic situation/progression?  The Student Progress website and its ‘Credit Point Calculator’ have been designed to give undergraduate students tailored support and guidance based on their assessment results and current credit total.  We encourage you to give students the link and hope that you will also find the Credit Point Calculator to be a useful tool to work through the different options available with your students. 

Any students with reassessments should be advised to apply to take their reassessments and review the Credit Point Calculator following the publication of the reassessment results.   

The website only contains information relating to a student’s final status i.e. once the outcome of any resits/reassessments from the summer diet are known. Your School Registry Officer will email all students who are not progressing satisfactorily, in early September, to confirm their academic situation and their options for continuing their studies.