Brexit changes to overseas courier services

Brexit changes to overseas courier services

Following the departure of the UK from the EU on January 1, non-document courier shipments to all overseas addresses should be accompanied by a courier request form providing essential information.

The courier request form is available here.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Name and department of sender

  2. Name, full street address, telephone number and e-mail address of recipient.
    Please note that couriers cannot deliver to PO boxes

  3. Finance code for shipping costs to be charged to

  4. Full, detailed and exact description of what’s being sent

  5. Value per item of what's being sent. If being sent free of charge an approximation will suffice, but a value must be given for customs purposes

  6. Reason for sending (e.g. gift, for research purposes, item sold, etc)

  7. Please note that books and magazines are regarded as non-document. For anything other than a few sheets of paper, it's best to give as much information as possible and let the mailroom decide.

  8. Please note that this applies to all non-document shipments going abroad. For shipments within the United Kingdom please provide items 1 to 4.