Staff Profile Enhancements

Staff Profile Enhancements

Details of new features for the University website's Staff Profile System


For researchers:

Information about a staff member’s research can be presented in a more detailed and organised fashion using new fields covering Grants and Funding, Collaborations and Past Research and more. Researchers can also identify themselves as working in up to five 'specialisms’, choosing from a list of over 1,000. By selecting these, staff will make it easier for prospective students, other researchers and business partners to identify experts to work with. It will also allow us to connect related research content in the future.

For research supervisors:

One of the key features in this release is the new PhD supervision feature. You can now highlight and link the areas you supervise and accept new PhD students in with the Postgraduate Research Prospectus, and this will be visible both on the Main and Research pages of your profile. This is designed to make finding a potential PhD supervisor easier than it ever has been before.

For teaching staff:

The Teaching section has been redesigned to make it more useful for both current and prospective students as well as for staff. You can now link from your profile to the course catalogue, creating associations between staff and courses. These will help students make more informed choices about their courses, as well as to further showcase a staff member’s areas of expertise.

For all users:

We have added new fields for Qualifications, Prizes and Awards and a field for you to highlight memberships and affiliations you have on- and off-campus. Staff members can also link their university profile with other professional profiles they have. The homepage is designed to be a page that all staff, academic and non-academic, will find useful as a place to highlight their work and achievements. To update your profile, click here.

Help and Support

To help users make the most of the improved system, help files have been made available in the profiles admin system and here as a pdf file. The Digital Communications Team will also be running regular drop-in sessions. All staff and PGR students, or professional services staff involved in promoting the University’s work, are welcome to attend these sessions.